Garlic Noodles

These noodles were absolutely amazing! Kramer and Dane loved how much flavor they had, and it’s fantastic that you can achieve such a delicious meal with only a few simple ingredients! The only thing you may have to go out and get is oyster sauce, but believe me, it’s worth it (and oyster sauce is used in so many other Asian recipes, anyway).

I can’t wait to make these again. I threw the whole thing together in about 10 minutes, which is perfect for an after school or work meal. These noodles really taste like something you’d get in a good Chinese restaurant. Recipe after the jump!

Garlic Noodles
Your very few ingredients.

Garlic Noodles
Place your brown sugar in a small bowl (it makes the sauce extra tasty).

Garlic Noodles
And combine with your oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Garlic Noodles
After your noodles have been cooked, toss them in with your sauce and chopped green onions.

Garlic Noodles
And enjoy! How easy was that?

Garlic Noodles
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 servings
  • 7 ounces dry Chinese noodles or spaghetti
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • ½ cup chopped green onions
  • 2 tablespoons finely minced garlic (about 2 cloves)
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  1. Boil a large pot of water and cook the noodles according to package instructions.
  2. Drain the noodles and wipe the pot clean. Place the noodles back in the pot and set aside. Get another pot or pan and switch the stove to medium-high heat and add the butter.
  3. When the butter is sizzling and bubbling, add in the green onions and the garlic. Fry for 1 minute until very fragrant, but be careful not to let the garlic burn.
  4. Add the brown sugar, soy sauce, and oyster sauce and stir well to mix. Add the noodles and toss well to get the sauce evenly distributed throughout the noodles. Serves 2.
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  1. Vu says:

    Looks so yummy. I’m going to give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. laura says:

    those sound so good! i’m definitely bookmarking this recipe.
    i’ve been reading your blog for about a month now; i really enjoy it!
    my mom actually found it and showed it to me; she and your mom went to school together. my mom’s name is sue bolcar (used to be sweerus). she would love to contact your mom again, if you would share her e-mail address. she just reminded me again, so it thought i’d better get on it.

  3. Manuela says:

    Great and easy recipe. Unfortunatelly I can’t find oyster sauce here :-(

  4. Vu says:

    I made this dish for my gf and she loves it. I added shrimp to the dish. I’m adding this recipe to my favorites.

  5. suzy says:

    i just wanted to say i LOVEEE coming to read your blog!! keep up the great work!! everything you have on here looks so delicious!

  6. i love, love oyster sauce :) its great for stir-fry and i also use it with asparagus. just saute the asparagus till its cooked and a lil bit of oyster sauce. yum!

  7. bakingforthecure says:

    This dish looks delicious! I just wish I could have a big bowl filled with these noodles :)

  8. taylor says:

    i tried this the other night, and made it again last night.. and honestly, i could eat it again right now. i normally don’t even like noodles, but man these are good.
    i also tried the cake truffles you posted, which were amazing.

  9. Ooh, looks so yummy! My mother sometimes whips up “plain” noodles (without any meat or veggies) that eat up so delish. I could eat up 3 bowlful of your noodles!

  10. Lola says:

    Thanks for posting this! I was lucky enough to find the exact same noodles at my local store and made this today. I left out the oyster sauce because I’m a vegan and instead of brown sugar (I didn’t have any) I used some organic pure cane sugar (it is brown in color). I think brown sugar would have made the sauce nicer and thicker, but the way I made it was very good. I will make this again! Next time I’m going to try adding tofu cubes and broccoli. Thanks again!

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  12. Brandy says:

    I just made this on Monday for lunch on Tuesday. Well, being sick and all, I didn’t feel like eating it yesterday. Today I did and MAN, did it taste good. I was nervous about the oyster sauce cause it doesn’t smell too good and I have never cooked with it before, but it is GREAT. I think this will become a staple in the rotation.

  13. Natalie says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I had some shallots to use up so I subbed those in for the garlic. Also no oyster sauce so i threw in a little sesame oil to add some extra flavor. Otherwise, delicious!!! Thank you!

  14. Mmmmm! Just tried this tonight and it’s fabulous!

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  16. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe!
    Subbed white sugar b/c I didn’t have brown, doubled the recipe for my family and it turned out tasty and beautifully!
    Can’t wait to make this again and again and again with my huge jar of Costco minced garlic!
    Thank you again!

  17. Emily says:

    Fantastic. I could not stop eating these noodles; even with my slightly *cough* elderly green onions it was totally delicious.
    Thank you — great blog!

  18. chumpman says:

    It reminded me my childhood in Shanghai. My grandpa used to make super delicious noodles but very very simple, even more simple than yours. The only ingredient is pig fat, finely minced garlic (raw), salt, pepper and spring onion. I still make noodles as his but instead of pig fat, I use sesame oil.

  19. Beverly says:

    The garlic noodles look yummy!

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  23. Morgan says:

    i bought the noodles, green onions, and oyster sauce for this tonight and i’m going to make it for dinner tomorrow and add chicken so it’s more substantial.
    i have a question though, you said it feeds 2, should I double the recipe to make sure we have enough for a full meal or is it plenty for 2?

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  25. Caitlin says:

    Hey! I used the sauce recipe for this but I put it on julienned snow peas instead of noodles– a great success! Admittedly, I have been known to do it with noodles, as well, and I am a big fan. But I feel less guilty about the veggie version! haha

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  28. Jess says:

    I just made these with udon noodles and tofu and they’re amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)

  29. Cierra says:

    I made this without the scallions and just plain onions, added toasted sesame seeds and chopped scrambled eggs and it was delish! Thanks for a yummy recipe!

  30. Jessie says:

    amazing! so yummie!! wasn’t enough! we want more =P

  31. Samye says:

    Had dinner with a friend last night – she prepared your garlic noodles… all I can say is they were fantastic!!!! Just went on your website and printed the recipe –

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  34. Abby says:

    Can I leave out the oyster sauce?

  35. thecrepesofwrath says:

    Morgan: I think that it’s definitely plenty for 2 if you add something (rice, chicken, vegetables, etc.). If not, I would maybe double it.

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