Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips

I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating this week! I had my final interview for Teach for America on Wednesday and I wanted to make sure that I was fully prepared for it. I think it went as well as could be expected, but I won’t find out if I got accepted until the middle of April. Wish me luck! I really hope that they have a position available for me here in New York!

I’ve posted a lot of different chili recipes on the blog. It’s just such an easy meal to make, and it’s filling and it can be reasonably healthy, depending on what you put in it. This isn’t one of those healthier chilis, but it’s absolutely one of the tastiest that I’ve made! I’m kind of obsessed with chipotle chilies in adobo sauce right now. They have such a unique taste; they’re sweet, smokey, and just a little spicy. The depth of flavor that the chipotle and adobo add to this chili is incredible, and the two add a little something extra to what is ordinarily a pretty simple dish. I almost always use some kind of sausage in my chili, too, because it makes the meal so rich. I opted for a sweet pork sausage this time, combined with ground beef, a dark beer, garlic, and onion. Kramer and I ate this for leftovers the next day and it was even better, as everything had time to meld together. To add a fun garnish (and for something to dip in the chili), I turned the corn tortillas that I made the other day and turned them into tortilla chips! It was extremely easy and they were really good; thick and crispy and fresh tasting. I especially liked the few chips that formed bubbles near the middle and became extra crispy. You can also eat this with store-bought tortilla chips, crusty bread, or a leafy salad.

Pay no attention to the bananas…they just happened to be on my counter. Also disregard the chicken broth because I didn’t end up using it.

First, I cut my tortillas into wedges and fried them for about 2-3 minutes in hot oil, removed them from the oil, set them on paper towels, sprinkled them with salt, and let them to dry and cool.

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
First, heat about three tablespoons of oil in a large pot and saute your onion, garlic, and jalapeno pepper(s) in it.

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
Add in your pork sausage and ground beef. Break up the meats with your cooking utensil and cook for about 8-10 minutes, until almost fully cooked.

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
Add in the rest of your ingredients (except the beans) and over medium heat, simmer for 1 hour.

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
When the chili has cooked for an hour, add in the beans and cook for another 30 minutes to an hour, until thickened to your liking. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
Serve hot and enjoy!

Adobo Chili with Homemade Tortilla Chips
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
  • 1 lb. sweet pork sausage
  • 1 lb. lean ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1-2 jalapeno peppers, diced (I used 1 because that's all I had)
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 12 ounces dark beer
  • 5-6 chipotle chilies in adobo sauce (canned), pureed in a food processor or a blender
  • 28 ounces diced tomatoes, with juices
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 cans beans, your choice (I used black beans and kidney beans), drained and rinsed
  1. Saute the onion, jalapeno pepper(s), and garlic in two tablespoons of oil until softened over medium-high heat, about 5 minutes. Add the sausage and ground beef, breaking it up with your cooking utensil and cooking until almost cooked through, about 8 minutes.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients (except the beans) and stir to combine. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 1 hour (if the chili starts to boil or bubble too much, turn down the heat).
  3. Rinse and drain your beans, then after an hour of simmering, add them to the chili. Cook for another 30 minutes to an hour, until thickened. Serve with cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, or crusty bread. Serves 6.


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  1. Lauren says:

    Ok this looks great–and has been added to my StumbleUpon. I’d probably swap out the ground meat for stew meat though but I love the flavors…I don’t think I’ve ever put Worcestershire sauce in chili before.

    • Sydney says:

      Lauren: Stew meat sounds like a great idea! It’ll get all tender and fall apart – delicious! Thanks for the Stumble! And I put Worcestershire sauce in almost everything I can, it’s one of my favorite sauces.

  2. Anthony says:

    This looks really good. I might use serranos for some extra heat. Cornbread would definitely go good with this, too. :)

    And good luck with the interview!

  3. Mary says:

    Mmm this looks delish! I may have to save it for a crisp fall day, though. My boyfriend & I are having a sangria/”tapas” party tomorrow night and your cheesy garlic potatoes are on the menu! I hope you get into Teach for America – I’m student teaching 1st grade right now and I absolutely love it.

  4. nazarina says:

    Mmmm, I love that smokiness going on in here with these tortillas. This dish can satisfy this great big hole in my stomach!

  5. Janet says:

    You have chicken broth in the picture…did you use that in the recipe?

  6. Liren says:

    Wow, this looks and sounds great! I have been craving chili for the past week, but we’ve had a spell of nice weather in SF, so I’m waiting for the cool weather to return next week. When it does, I’ll have to try this!

  7. Mai-Yan says:

    This looks like a comfort dish! I have totally been obsessed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce ever since I discovered it. I’ve been making dips with it, using it as a condiment in sandwiches and using the adobo sauce to add depth to my stir fried dishes. Keep the deliciousness coming!

  8. Kiki says:

    I made this. It was the best chili I’ve ever made. After it was all cooked I added ripe pear slices on top. It was so good!

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  10. Cristin says:

    I tried this recipe tonight and my husband and I both loved it! We used ground turkey and turkey sausage to cut back on the fat and added a poblano pepper. Great smoky flavor with some heat, a real warming comfort food. Looking forward to the leftovers, will definitely make again!

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