Summer Key Lime Cooler

Summer is almost over! There are only two and a half weeks left of August, then it’s time to start looking toward fall and the holidays! I feel like New Year’s Eve was only a few days ago – it’s crazy how fast time goes by. It seems to go by even faster now that I’ve been out of college and in the real, working world. It’s okay, though – I always look forward to the end of the year. The beginning and middle are so boring! Either way, the end of summer will signal the end of my Summer Cocktail Series, sadly, so let’s go out with a bang! I’ll have three or four more tasty summer refreshments coming your way, and I hope that you will have the time to give them all a try before you’re sliding into your winter jacket and snow boots.

Believe it or not, I had never bought key limes before, but when I saw them on sale, I knew I had to pick up a bag of them. Key limes are smaller than your average lime, and they are more acidic, more tart, and less sweet, which I think makes for a fantastic cocktail, especially if you want something to really help you cool off without making you feel too heavy. I think that the key limes were just begging to be thrown together with some fresh mint, my new favorite elderflower liqueur, the French St. Germain, and some gin (I used another one of my local favorites, Breuckelen Gin, made right here in Brooklyn). I also found this lemongrass soda from the DRY Soda Company, based out of Seattle, that I really loved! It’s got a beautifully crisp, clean flavor, but without being too sweet – you really can just substitute club soda for the lemongrass soda if it isn’t available near you, but I found it at my local bodega and I really recommend picking some up, as there are a variety of flavors and I’m sure each one would lend itself well to any cocktail in place of your typical club soda. All of these combined made for a lovely summer beverage, and those who got a chance to sample this drink would definitely agree with me!

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Your ingredients. You can use club soda in place of the lemongrass soda.

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Muddle your mint.

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Slice and juice your key limes.

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Add the lime juice, gin, and St. Germain to your mixer and shake for 30 seconds.

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Strain twice into two glasses filled with ice and garnish with a key lime wheel.

Summer Key Lime Cooler
Serves: 2 cocktails
  • 12 mint leaves, muddled
  • juice of 16 key limes
  • 6 ounces gin
  • 3 ounces St. Germain liqueur
  • lemongrass soda or club soda, to top off
  • key lime slices, to garnish
  1. Muddle your mint leaves in the bottom of your shaker. Juice your limes and add the lime juice, gin, and St. Germain to your shaker. Fill with ice and shake for 30 seconds. Strain twice into two glasses filled with ice, top off with lemongrass soda or club soda, and garnish with a key lime slice.


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  1. This looks so refreshing! And anything with gin in it is usually a winner in my book. 😉

    • Sydney says:

      @Michelle: Same here!

      @Rhoda: Me too! I hope we can get together again next year, or at the next BlogHer Food!

      @Elizabeth: Thank you! I’m happy that I could introduce you to Hendrick’s! I definitely plan to try more flavors – they actually sell it at the local bodega across the street!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Great to meet you too, what a fun time it was, loved the experience at BlogHer.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have so enjoyed all of your amazing gin cocktails this summer! Also, I must thank you for introducing me to Hendricks gin – it instantly became my favorite liquor to date, and I will look forward to using it to make this amazing-looking drink ASAP.

    Since one good turn deserves another, I’ve got to recommend that you try a few of the other DRY Soda flavors if you see them around. I’m from Seattle so I’m hoping but not sure that they distribute all of their flavors to all places, but I can’t imagine being unable to find anything in New York City. If you can get your hands on them, the lavender, juniper berry and cucumber DRY Sodas are divine, and I think they’d complement a lot of the cocktails you like to make very well, as well as standing on their own as a great drink. I was a little disappointed by the vanilla bean and I think you can find better vanilla sodas out there, and I have yet to try the rhubarb or blood orange, but they both sound good. I found out about the brand when I worked at Whole Foods so I bet they’d be available there, if you don’t mind going to Whole Foods.

    Thanks again for the great recipe(s)!

  4. What a scrumptious sounding drink! I love key limes. Their size may get a little annoying when trying to squeeze loads of them but their flavors are well worth it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sydney says:

      @Russell: It was definitely a bit of work but well worth it, indeed!

      @Julie: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? 😉

      @Carrian: Yay! I’m excited, too!

      @Michelle: Please do! We’d love to have you!

  5. carrian says:

    Hey Lady!
    Looks fabulous. Can’t wait to work together!

  6. Michelle says:

    Okay, instead of me investing in a liquor cabinet, can I just stop by when you mix up these wonderful drinks?

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