Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad

Today is August 31st, which means that tomorrow is the 1st of September and we will soon transition into the fall season. I’m excited, I admit – I love everything about fall, from the food to the weather to the warm clothes. I will be sad to see the sunshine go away, though. I remember last February how excited I was for a sunny day or two after a really rough winter. For now, though, I’ll enjoy saying goodbye to the heat and hello to the coming months. I can’t believe we only have a short time before the holiday season starts up. Before you know it, you’ll be saying Happy New Year. Having said that, I thought it would be fitting to finish up the summer with this bright salad. During the warm summer months, Kramer and I devour watermelon like it’s going extinct. It’s the perfect summer food (followed closely by corn), and I can’t get enough of it. Now, strawberries are another story. I love them, but Kramer isn’t a big fan. We both love fresh basil, though, so I thought that I could change his mind about strawberries with this salad. Guess what? I did! I handed him a bowl of it to try and he finished the entire thing, saying, “This is so good!” the entire time. That’s what a cook likes to hear, even if this recipe involved no cooking whatsoever. Just dice everything up, toss it together with some agave nectar or honey, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing summer side salad that everyone is sure to love. I liked the agave in this because it has a more caramelized flavor than the honey, but if honey’s all you’ve got, then it will still be every bit as delicious. Say goodbye to summer with some of its more popular offerings and get ready to embrace September!

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
Your ingredients.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
Dice your strawberries.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
And your watermelon.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
Mince your basil.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
And toss it all together with your agave.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
Serve and enjoy.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
This salad is great on a bed of lettuce or even as a dip or salsa.

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Basil Summer Salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 (side)
  • 10-12 large strawberries, diced
  • 10-12 large chunks of watermelon, diced
  • 6 basil leaves, minced well
  • 1-2 tablespoons agave nectar (or honey)
  1. Dice your strawberries and watermelon into very small pieces, then mince your basil. Toss everything together with your agave nectar and serve.


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  1. Aarthi says:

    WOW…Lovely colour….Bowl full of yummy goodness….I too love watermelon and Strawberries…I think this goes great with some vanilla icecream on the side..What do you say?

  2. I love how vibrant this salad is! I only recently realized just how good watermelon could be in a salad when we tried one with arugula. Really is a perfect summer (or end of summer) dish. Now, bring on the fall – and those apple cider donuts.

  3. Stacey Evans says:

    Looks wonderfully refreshing!

  4. RHODA HERZOG says:

    Hi Sydney, Marilyn Kramer told me about your website and when I logged on for the second time, I realized you have added a lovely recipe list, cross-indexed and fun to use. Joe and I have enjoyed your Thai chicken wings, Plum and Peach Tart
    and Artichoke and Goat Cheese Dip…its fun to browse through your long list of goodies and I find your comments entertaining and timely.
    I also like the glimpses of your life with Tyler –oops, Kramer! Its a nice way of Getting to Know You.

    • Sydney says:

      @Rhoda: Thank you so much! I’m glad that you’ve been able to check out the site. Marilyn is quite the PR person! 😉 Thanks again for commenting and I hope I hear more from you soon!

  5. Dorothy says:

    Hi there!

    I used to be friends with you on LJ back in the day (__innocuous) and I always remember you posting amazing recipes on your site, haha. I eventually clicked and was redirected to The Crepes of Wrath and I have been following it on and off for the past few years. I used to think that i was a terrible cook (I used to say the only things I could make were pasta & eggs, haha), but I think it’s just because I dont really like to cook super gourmet if it’s just for me.

    However, in the past few months, your blog has been a god send to my boyfriend and I. We’ve been whipping things up left & right now and I always come to check your blog for new recipes. :) Your site has really made me realize that cooking doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or super expensive either, and you can make the most amazing things out of so little sometimes! The above recipe being a prime example :)

    I guess I just wanted to say thank you. You have a wonderful website & my boyfriend and I are quickly gaining confidence in our culinary skills! I actually hosted a potluck a few weeks ago and I made your mandarin spinach salad and it was such a hit! Also – we are watching LOST right now (he’s never seen it & we are almost at the end) and we are definitely talking about making the Dharma cake you made awhile back for the last episode tomorrow night, haha.

    Anyways – this was a long comment. Thank you again! Keep up the amazing work and we will keep coming back here for more! :)


    • Sydney says:

      It’s so good to hear from you! Living in Sydney must be awesome – I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. It truly warms my heart to hear you say all that. I always say that inspiring people like me to learn to cook is my mission, but it’s so good to know that it’s actually happened! Thanks so much for dropping me a comment and I hope I get to hear more from you, soon!

  6. Dorothy says:

    oh and also! I forgot to mention, we’re actually living in Sydney, Australia right now – so we love that your name matches our location, haha.

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