Easy Cake Parfaits

made from cake scraps

First thing’s first: I’m going to be on The Food Seen podcast today! Please subscribe and listen to me and my weird voice. I promise that, if nothing else, you will enjoy listening to me make a fool of myself. Okay, that’s been dealt with, and because you subscribed and all, you deserve some dessert. Specifically, these cake parfaits. They’re super easy, and what follows it hardly a recipe, but it’s kind of a great idea and you should all have this in your back pocket for when you want a quick dessert with minimal effort. Theoretically, anyway. I suppose you need to first make a cake, because these parfaits are made with leftovers. Scraps. The stuff you might have otherwise thrown away. I’m talking about the tops of cakes that have been leveled off, or maybe those two sort of sad-looking cupcakes that fell flat in their pans. Typically, I’d either shamelessly eat these things, standing up in my kitchen, hoping Kramer doesn’t see me stuffing my face like a garbage person, or just throw them away (but let’s be real, it’s almost always the former). However, this time around, I thought, let’s be a little more savvy with these leftovers, shall we? So, I grabbed the bit of leftover frosting and the tops of the cake layers I’d leveled off from when I made that awesome pumpkin pie layer cake earlier in the day, and I made these. Leftover cake parfaits are my new favorite thing, and I promise you that I’m going to be making a hell of a lot more of them. They make excellent gifts and they look like something you’ve done on purpose when, in reality, they are really more of an afterthought. Nobody needs to know that, though.

easy cake parfaitsIndulgent photos by Donny Tsang.

On the same day that I made these parfaits, my friend Donny asked if we could get together so that he could take a few portraits. He said that he needed the practice, and I, of course, being a mild narcissist, jumped at the chance. We headed over to the train tracks near my apartment to snap a few photos, and I absolutely love the result. Thanks, Donny, my man! I appreciate your indulging me in letting my post so many photos of myself, but hey, we live in a selfie culture and I am a product of my environment. We grabbed a quick drink after the photos, then I headed home to edit my own pictures (probably these very cake parfait pixxx that you’re looking at now). So, to recap: subscribe to The Food Seen, check out Donny’s website, and please, make some cake parfaits.

easy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaitseasy cake parfaits

Easy Cake Parfaits
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Use any leftover cake scraps and frosting to make these super cute, single-serving cake parfaits!
  • Leftover cake or cupcake scraps (this can be anything from a sad-looking cupcake that didn't rise fully to the tops of your cakes that you've leveled off)
  • Leftover frosting
  • Sprinkles, graham crackers, fruit, whipped cream, etc.
  1. It doesn't get easier than this, folks. Grab a jar or cup, and fill the bottom with a bit of your leftover cake or cupcake, followed by a layer of sprinkles, whipped cream, fruit, or whatever else you like, followed by a layer of leftover frosting. Repeat until you've filled up the glass, then top with a little extra frosting and maybe some sprinkles. That's it! If you can seal or cover the lid of the jar or cup, this will keep well in the refrigerator for up to 2 days (though I recommend allowing the parfaits to come to room temperature before eating).
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  1. I must admit that I often AM left with some extra cake…for shame!! But, I can definitely use it for parfaits!! That’s the best idea!

  2. annie says:

    Did someone say “easy cake?” Oh wait, you said “easy cake parafait?” That’s even better. Because food in jars always makes life better.

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