Gochujang Ribs

with a honey glaze

I forgot it was Valentine’s Day until I looked at the calendar, but that’s okay. Kramer and I aren’t the biggest Valentine’s Day people, though we’ll probably hit up a bar tonight and eat some chicken fingers. That’s romantic as it gets, as far as I’m concerned. We’re also headed to Austin tomorrow for a working vacation. Kramer has meetings, and I figured I’d tag along and shoot some video while he works. I’m planning to hit up some really delicious spots, so make sure you’re following all my adventures on INSIDER Food and INSIDER Dessert, if you’re not already. That’s my real-life grown-up job, for those of you who didn’t know! Now you do. Anyway, I’m really excited for Austin. We went once last year and really loved it. I feel like I haven’t felt warm sunshine in…well, a while. New York winters, man. So I’m ready for a little rest and relaxation…in between doughnuts and barbecue and breakfast tacos, of course. That’s why I figured I’d post these ribs today. They’re not traditional barbecue, of course, but they’re pretty good for a small Brooklyn kitchen. You just rub ’em down, cover them, and pop them in the oven for about two hours. That’s it! They’re as tender as can be and I promise they’ll disappear before you can count to ten.

gochujang ribs

Feeling fancy having my picture taken by Chelsea Pineda.

I was inspired to make these ribs by my friend Jeena’s mom. I’ve never met her, but she is an angel who always sends Jeena back from her home state of California with lots of goodies for me. I’ve gotten a big tub of gochujang, which is a sweet and spicy Korean pepper paste, a bag of gochugaru, which is a Korean chili pepper, toasted sesame seeds, different kinds of pickles and banchan, and more. It’s awesome. Jeena even once brought me a tub of some kind of paste that I can’t remember the name of, but it’s pungent and sweet and sour and spicy and all of the good things you want to use as a base for a soup or a marinade. You can, of course, get gochujang and gochugaru at a local specialty or Korean market, but it really makes me feel special to get these little packages from Jeena and her mom, especially because there’s always something new that I’ve never tasted before in there somewhere, and what’s more exciting than that? These ribs are fall-apart tender, but they’ve got that punch that you expect from Korean food, which Kramer and I love. I added a little honey for sweetness near the end of the cooking time, just to caramelize the tops and give the ribs a bit of crispiness, but otherwise, this simple four-ingredient marinade is all you need to make wonderfully delicious ribs.

gochujang ribs

gochujang ribs
Chelsea really ~ captured me in the moment ~.

gochujang ribsgochujang ribs
Okay, so – what you’re really here for: ribs.

gochujang ribs
The sauce is super easy.

gochujang ribsgochujang ribs
Just rub it all over your ribs.

gochujang ribs
Cover, bake, baste, and eat!

gochujang ribsgochujang ribs

gochujang ribs

Gochujang Ribs
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: serves 3-4
Super easy pork spareribs with a sweet and spicy Korean-style glaze.
  • 2 pounds pork spareribs
  • 2 tablespoons gochujang
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons gochugaru
  • 2 teaspoons sesame seeds
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F, line a baking sheet with foil, and fit a cooling rack into the baking sheet. Spray with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together your gochujang, soy sauce, gochugargu, and sesame seeds. Place your ribs on your prepared baking sheet and smother your ribs with ¾ of the prepared sauce. Cover the baking sheet with foil and bake for 1½ to 2 hours, until tender.
  3. Once tender, remove the foil and whisk together the remaining sauce with the honey. Turn the heat of the oven up to 450 degrees F. Rub your sauce and honey mixture over the ribs, then place them in the oven for 5 minutes, flip, and cook for another 5 minutes or so, until slightly charred. Drizzle with any juices from the bottom of the pan and serve immediately.


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  1. Alex says:

    Would having the ribs marinate in the sauce before cooking make a difference?

    • Sydney says:

      It would definitely be even more delicious! I would rub it, wrap it in plastic wrap, and marinate overnight, if you can.

  2. Jamie says:

    these look fabulous – your korean roast pork has become my go-to recipe to feed a crowd. i’ve easily made it a dozen times and everyone LOVES it. i’m now the person who brings a huge tub of gochujang to our beach rental! many thanks for the roast pork recipe – i can’t wait to try these ribs!

  3. Joselyn says:

    My oh my do these look splendid! I will be telling my boyfriend about these. He has made your Infamous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies over and over again and they’re always gone within the first two days that they’re baked. We are from Austin and I hope you have a wonderful stay here. If you get the chance to visit Summer Moon Café I highly recommend them (I enjoy the half Summer Moon). They also offer local food/sweet treats like
    Rockstar Bagels and Lick Ice-Cream in their Affogatos. Happy travels~

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