Hi, humans. I’m Sydney. I’m 28, I (now!) live in LA, and I’m here to cook, bake, eat and tell you about the TV shows I watch. Things might get a little messy. Be cool.


The Crepes of Wrath began in the summer of 2008, when I was on summer break in college and wanted a place to share what I had been making in my little Arizona kitchen. My then-boyfriend and now-husband, Kramer, was very encouraging and, with his help, we set up this site. Now, here we are, old and married, having moved from Mesa, Arizona to Brooklyn, New York, and loving every minute of it. It’s been quite a transition, but the food and ingredients that I’ve been introduced to since our relocation has sparked a passion inside of me that I don’t think will ever burn out.


I started out like most people do when they are first learning to cook: cake mixes, ramen and Shake-N-Bake. Over time, I’ve become more interested in your usual dinner table fare, but with some extra stuff. My recipes generally don’t require expensive ingredients or over the top equipment. But sometimes I find something cool online or at the store and I’ll share that, too. I love food and I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by so that I can share my love of cooking and baking with you. As you peruse The Crepes of Wrath, you’ll find everything from slow cooker recipes and no-bake desserts to handmade tamales and step-by-step photos for making your own homemade Danishes and croissants, alongside plenty of restaurant recommendations. I hope that you will find everything you need right here to keep your mind at ease and your belly full.



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