Banana Daiquiri Bread

a taste of the tropics

I want to show you how wonderfully your favorite treats can turn out when using raw sugar in place of granulated sugar. Witness: this banana daiquiri bread. It has a little booze in it, which makes things a little more fun, plus gives the bread a bit of a tropical twist. I used spiced rum and Cointreau, but you can use any kind of rum or orange flavored liqueur – maybe some coconut rum and triple-sec? The world of banana bread is your oyster. I loved how moist this ended up being, as well as the crunchy crust from the extra raw sugar sprinkled on top. Usually banana bread is kind of boring, but Kramer and the party that I brought this to all seemed to really enjoy it quite a bit, which, as I’m sure you know, always gives the baker a sense of accomplishment. After seeing how lovely this bread is when made with raw sugar, I plan to use it even more in my kitchen. I’m thinking of making my favorite chocolate chip cookies with it, next.


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