Chicken & Asparagus Risotto

I have a phone interview for Teach for America on Friday! Does anybody who might have been in the program have any tips for the interview process? I’m really excited about the possibility of getting accepted into the program and teaching! Anyway, on to the food.

Yes, I just did a risotto recipe, but I had a big bag and I liked the bacon and egg risotto so much that I had to make it again! I wanted to go for something a bit different, though, and not make the exact same thing twice. I liked the idea of adding some vegetables into my meal because I often don’t eat enough of them, plus the asparagus went quite nicely with the Parmesan cheese. I shredded the chicken mostly because it’s really simple to make shredded chicken, and I like the texture of shredded chicken. I again used the carnaroli rice that I talked about in my previous post, as it was just as light, fluffy, and creamy. The whole meal came together very easily and, as this recipe makes a lot of risotto, we had it as leftovers the next night with a fried egg on top.


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