Twice Fried Plantains

We had such a great weekend that I don’t even mind going back to work today. Don’t you love that? We took it easy on Friday – stayed in, watched Friends with Kids (loved it), cooked, and got to bed pretty early, because we knew we’d have a full day on Saturday and we are getting old. Saturday morning, we got up and headed over to Citifield to see the Mets vs. Dodgers games with some friends. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a blast, even if the Mets lost (boo!). After the game, we went back to Long Island City to eat dinner – shrimp, crabs, and plenty of beers were had and thoroughly enjoyed. We hung out at our friend’s apartment after that, and spent most of the night on the roof laughing and enjoying the mild summer weather. Sunday, yet again, Kramer and I just took it easy, although he had to go into work so I suppose he had it a bit rougher than me. I stayed home, did some cleaning up and prep work for meals throughout the week, while baking and cooking dinner for that night. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to see TDKR, as we were idiots and didn’t look for tickets until it was too late, but fear not! We’re seeing it Tuesday night in true IMAX – I know that you all eagerly await my review (which will more than likely read: IT WAS AWESOME).

Kramer and I ate a ton of plantains when we were in Aruba this past February. I had had them before, but they are extra delicious when eaten in a tropical climate (as are most things). They are slightly sweet, just the right amount of starchy, and always crispy with a crunch of salt. They’re perfect for gobbling up on their own, or as a dip for anything from soupy, flavorful black beans to tartar or any other seafood. Plantains are cheap, easily accesible, and more importantly, just really, really good. The twice fried variation guarantee maximum chip-like crispiness, and when you make them early on in the day, like I did, you have them to snack on until dinner…which may or may not ruin your appetite, but hey, I’m not here to judge. These are a spectacular alternative to toasts or chips or any other typical appetizer-ish fare, and as you only need three ingredients to make these on your own, there’s no excuse not to!


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