Cinnamon Caramel French Toast

Well, the day has finally come: I have run out of purse-sized books. I still have at least eight books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet, but none of them are small enough to fit in my purse to take on the subway ride to and from work. I know that I should get a Kindle, but for some reason I am not ready to shell out the money for it yet. Plus, I like books. I know that I need to get over that, though – my purse is already stuffed to the brim and a Kindle would really help free up some space in there. Or maybe I just need a bigger purse? Anyway, the book that finally did me in was Children of the Mind. I absolutely loved the the Ender series, and I’m sad that it’s all over! At least I have the Bean books to read, now. Kramer got me a nice hardcover edition of Ender’s Shadow, so I’m excited to break it in. In the meantime, does anyone have any pocket-sized book suggestions? I mostly read sci-fi, historical non-fiction, and auto-biographies. I bet you guys didn’t realize how cool I was until just this very moment.

Speaking of sci-fi, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I can’t think of a more romantic way to start the day than to serve your loved one this scrumptious Cinnamon Caramel French Toast. I used brioche bread, of course, and while you can use any other bread (I ended up using a few pieces of sourdough when I ran out of brioche), brioche is sweet, fluffy, and beyond delicious. It’s the perfect vessel for the cinnamon caramel, too. I used a cookie cutter to cut my bread into heart shapes, but if you’re not one for that sort of flair, it’s completely unnecessary. I’m sure that your significant other will still love you if you serve him or her square French toast. Did I mention that I loved the caramel on this French toast? I made it the usual way, but then brushed the cooked French toast with a butter, sugar, and cinnamon mixture, then baked it in the oven for a few minutes to make it nice and bubbly. The result was an ever-so-slightly crispy caramel crust on top of sweet, fluffy brioche French toast. Happy Valentine’s!


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