Roasted Lamb with Beet Glaze

maple + balsamic

I don’t really celebrate Easter or Passover or anything that’s going on this weekend, but if you do, enjoy the holiday. I do appreciate the candy and treats that come along with them, though. I can get down on some flourless chocolate cake and jelly beans any day. And it’s just a happy coincidence that I have this lamb recipe to share with you today. I made it this past Sunday while I was putzing around in the kitchen making the worst scones I’ve ever made in my life (they can’t all be winners) and watching episodes of Empire while Kramer did homework. I would have been more upset about the scones had this lamb not come out so perfectly. I based it on a rib recipe that I saw on Bon Appetit, but I didn’t have rhubarb or ribs so I modified it as such. I was also sent the maple syrup by Farm to the People, which has a ton of really cool small batch products and I’ll be announcing a fun partnership with them soon! For now, though, let’s focus on how simmering beets with sweet maple syrup and rich balsamic vinegar turns beets into something totally unlike anything I’ve ever had before. It was all I could do to stop picking beets out of the pot to snack on while the lamb finished cooking.

Roasted Lamb with a Beet GlazeAlways on the ‘gram.

And speaking of the lamb – it was perfect. I didn’t do much to it, just let it roast in the oven, covered in a little bacon fat, salt, pepper, cumin and just a hint of cinnamon. Once finished, I brushed it with some of the beet glaze, let it bubble, and plated it dramatically with the beets, Greek yogurt and mint. The yogurt added a nice, clean richness to the dish and the mint added a pop of freshness. Together, it was a pretty fancy looking dinner that really didn’t take much effort. I think Hannibal would approve of this dish, don’t you? I’m gearing up to eat more lamb this weekend while I work on a photo project at a friend’s restaurant, so it’s only appropriate that I make some myself beforehand. I hope you all have a great weekend, preferably with some lamb.

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