Summer Peach Pie

with an all-butter crust

We made it to DC and after some good food, good drinks and good friends, we’re off to Virginia Beach with my brother in tow. Last night, we met up with some friends who live in town. We were originally going to go to Rose’s Luxury, but I decided that I didn’t want to spend half the night in the city we were in for only one evening waiting in line to go to a restaurant, even though I’ve heard it was awesome. Instead, we started at Eat the Rich for some oysters, hush puppies, and “redneck caviar”, which was salmon roe with potato chips (see: amazing). After that, we popped over to Mockingbird Hill for some sherry, Spanish ham, and cheese. We bar hopped around a little bit, then ended up at Two Birds, One Stone, which I had been to before and really liked. After that, Kramer and I returned to our hotel, then realized we needed water and wanted to grab a few beers, so we walked for a while in the wrong direction toward a store, only to find that it was closed, so we walked to another store, only to find that they didn’t have beer. We took that as a sign, bought two giant bottles of water and went to bed. Thanks for the good night, DC! Now it’s off to the beach for surf, sand, and waves.

summer peach pie

I wanted to share this peach pie recipe because it’s almost the end of summer and nothing says SUMMER! like a big, beautiful, juicy peach pie. I feel like we don’t see enough peach pies. I have a bit of a pie obsession. I also thought this would be the perfect thing to make in conjunction with this project I’m doing with Naked Juice about food deserts. A food desert is an urban neighborhood or rural town without access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Wholesome Wave and Naked Juice are teaming up to present Drink Good. Do Good to raise awareness of this serious problem that affects nearly 24 million American citizens. I’m happy to be a part of this campaign, as it’s a cause near and dear to my heart. You’d be shocked to learn how hard it is to find quality, nutritious foods in even the most population-dense areas. I’ve seen it in neighborhoods that I live in in New York, where I’ve personally had to go into different areas of Brooklyn or Queens in order to get real, whole foods. Honestly. It’s sad, and the more people are aware of food deserts and how they impact people across the country, the quicker we can help make a difference. Believe me, I love a good farmer’s market, but they can’t only be available to certain neighborhoods. We need real food available to real people in every neighborhood in the US. Check out #DrinkGoodDoGood on Twitter and Instagram and post a photo of yourself holding a fruit or vegetable to raise awareness of food deserts. Then, maybe, you can make that fruit into a pie.

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