Hearty Bean and Tomato Soup

I’m going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow! I’m beyond excited! I can’t wait to see her in person and see the beautiful! I’ll let you all know what episode it is and when it will air so you can watch for me in the audience! Thank goodness it’s not today, though. It’s 92 degrees today in New York and my husband and I haven’t gotten around to installing air conditioning or getting fans or anything because we definitely didn’t anticipate the heat arriving so quickly. Thankfully it’ll be back down to 80 degrees tomorrow, then in the 60s on Friday. I wish it would always be 60 degrees outside! I’m not a fan of the heat, obviously, or else I would have stayed in Arizona.

Here is yet another example of my attempt in adding more vegetables into my diet. Trying to make more vegetable based meals is not only healthy, it’s cheaper than buying meat for everything I make! I’ve been doing it often enough that Kramer will willingly eat a meat-free dish – a miracle! I really liked this soup because not only is it very filling, but it’s got tons of different textures and flavors. I added in onions, garlic, bell peppers, beans, and a lightly creamy broth to go along with it all, by adding a bit of sour cream to the soup. It really makes a world of difference and adds a touch of richness to the vegetables. I also used an herb that I don’t use very often, but it’s one of my favorites: savory. Savory is a very popular herb in Italy, where it is most commonly paired with beans. It’s also popular in Germany, where the word for savory is bohenkraut, which translates into bean herb. It’s a bold herb with an almost peppery taste, and yes, indeed, the herb inspired the word that we use to describe foods that are not sweet: savory! Surprise, surprise. Summer savory is reminiscent of mint and thyme, while the winter variety has a stronger taste. Many people like to use savory in dishes when they are trying to watch his or her salt intake, because the boldness of the herb helps to make up for the lack of actual salt. Savory is also an essential ingredient in the ever popular Herbs de Provence. If you haven’t given savory a try yet, pick some up at your local grocery store and add it to some of your favorite dishes. I’m sure you’ll love what it brings to the table.


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