Peanut Butter Brownies

I took a week off for mid-terms; did you miss me? I’ve only got one more mid-term left on Thursday, and then I can start worrying about finals. Sigh. Either way, while I was taking some time off from the blog, Kramer redid the whole thing; new layout and all! I hope you all like it, and if you find any errors/bugs, please let me know! I love how clean it looks compared to the last layout and I think it’ll be a lot easier to load, too.

I made these peanut butter brownies a week or two ago when Kramer and I wanted something sweet in a hurry. I had lots leftover, obviously, so I brought half into the salon I go to and gave the other half to my brother who lives in a dorm at ASU. They were very well received! They’re rich, chewy, and oh-so peanut buttery. I used both peanut butter chips and chocolate chips, so every bite was filled with little creamy bits of peanut butter or chocolate. I whipped these up in no time at all. You can even add anything you want; candy bits, nuts, different kinds of chips, etc. Versatile, simple, and delicious! Eat them with a scoop of ice cream or all on their own! Either way, you’re sure to love these tasty little treats.


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